Luthando Orphans and Child Care is a home for vulnerable children who are orphaned, abandoned or neglected from the Dunoon community.
Our history

Founder Vuyelwa Cosa (Victoria) has been involved in church outreach programmes in Dunoon for many years; including helping start the Siyakhaza Educare and Aftercare in Site 5 two years ago. After working there for some time she realised that many children were being neglected. “What I noticed was that there is a lot of poverty there, children are not being looked after, and, in a lot of cases, children are getting raped at the tender age of five years old.” Children are often left alone while parents are out looking for work, and this has disastrous consequences, and the aftercare they started is helping meet that need currently.

In 2017 Victoria took five children who have no parents or siblings into her care. A house in Flamingo Vlei was donated to the orphanage by a donor, naming it Luthando Orphans and Care, which will be home to six orphaned children. Victoria is committed to creating a safe and loving environment for these children to flourish.

“Children don’t choose the circumstances they are born into, and it’s up to society to make sure those circumstances don’t dictate their destinies.”

NPO Number: 203-215